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A Pioneer Cemetery on the old stagecoach route between Copco Lake, Siskiyou County, California and Keno, Klamath County, Oregon, it contains Graves of Early Settlers-Ranchers of the area.
Named for the Thomas Cranor Way family
It is four-wheel drive accessible, a nice day trip from Henley-Hornbrook, California; Ashland or Keno, Oregon.

A short hike North of Way Cemetery will reveal a breathtaking view of the wild Klamath River and its natural sounds of the wilderness.

From Oregon: approx.11 mi. South of Hwy.66 from Topsy Park via Topsy Grade.
From California: approx. 8 mi. North-East of Copco Lake, Along the wild Klamath River, or 5km North East of Beswick.

Please do not disturb any headstones, take only Photos and Memories.
Way Cemetery
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